Massage chair in your home: An investment for your family’s future

Using a massage chair at home is an investment in the health of your family. Adding a massage to your daily health routine helps you save a lot of money as well as time, offering massage that adapts to every family members needs.

  • Regular massage with stable quality
  • The cheapest way to prevent and alleviate chronical health problems

In Japan and South-Korea a massage chair is used in about every fourth home. Unlike in Estonia, where a good massage is considered a luxury service, in Japan a regular massage is a common part of health care- and to enable it, the cheapest alternative is a personal massage chair. If working less than ten hours a day is not acceptable because of the selfless working culture, there is simply no other choice that to try an alternative way to prevent illnesses that come from working. In Estonia diligence is also in honor. Therefore: if long and healthy life is in your familie’s plans, it is worth taking examples from the Japanese and contribute to your healths longevity. The most cost-effective way for accomplishing that is a massage chair.

Why buy a massage chair?

It is widely known that massage has many wonderful features. It exudes toxins from our bodies, improves blood circulation, lowers the pulse, increases endorphin levels, reduces tensions, increases flexibility, helps against stress, alleviates and relaxes. However, one of the greatest benefits of massage is the ability to relieve and treat pain. A hard fact is that fighting with pain only benefits from regular massage1. This means that most people do not get to enjoy massages best effects, because they do not have the money or time for regular massages.

Massage chair gives the opportunity to significantly increase the regularity of this service. That way the user of the chair gets to enjoy all the best features of the massage and massage becomes a part of everyday routine instead of being a rare luxury service.

Does the massage chair have advantages over masseuse?

Although we are used to receiving massage from humans, the high quality massage chair offers several advantages. Massage from the massage chair is always with a stable quality, it can be enjoyed more regularly, the sessions always take place at the appropriate time and place, there is no time planning or booking required and it does not cause discomfort because it can be enjoyed with clothes on. The massage chai is also suitable for the older family members whose movement is otherwise limited or difficult but who would greatly benefit from massage therapy.

The best-performing massage chairs won’t be conquered by human hands – the massage chair industry is no longer a new field and works closely with masseurs and other specialists from that field. Estonian Manual Medicine and the Chiropractors Associations have also given their recognition to the Borealis massage chairs.

How do massage chairs work?

Massage chairs feature a variety of massage techniques, automatic programs and manual setup options – you can adjust the type of massage technique, it’s strength, and for some models even the depth and reach of the massage mode. The chair mainly uses rollers that are located in the backrest and airbags from different places all over the chair.

In addition, depending on the model, the chair also has a spine correcting and hip rotating options, whole-body stretching system, 3D-technology to adjust the depth and reach of the rollers, zero-gravity function to lower the pulse and stress, separately foot soles and hand massages, it can detect painful areas and the body position using the sensors or it can have heating and swinging function. Several massage chairs also offer the possibility to connect your phone to the chair and listen to music or audiobooks while having massage – some model can synchronize the massage rhythm with the music you are listening.

All the above means that a personalized and a massage corresponding to individuals needs will be available for every family member using the chair.

How quickly does a massage chair earn back the investment?

If you have four members in your family and each of you has only used massage only for prevention purposes so far – meaning once a month or less – even the cheapest chair earns the invested money back in about two years. In the family to lifetime of a massage chair it’s up to 10 years and its main advantage is the possibility to significantly increase the regularity of the massage.

So, to have a massage chair at home is not an additional expense, it saves thousands of euros in a long run perspective, including the money saved from using for keeping a good health and reliving pains.

Why should I buy a massage chair from Borealis?

Borealise selection of massage chairs has been carefully assembled on the basis of over ten years of experience and takes into account the chairs lifetime, quality, new technologies and users’ feedback. 200 Estonian companies and a lot of individuals have rented or bought their chairs from us. For individuals a two years’ time warranty applies, but for some models three years’ time. Since we are specialized in the field of massage chairs you can be sure that all your questions and worries will get solutions with the help of our workers. For finding the most comfortable massage chair you can add massage chairs to your comparison list and contact our sales manager.

1Moyer, C., Rounds, J., Hannum, J., & Cooper, Harris. (2004). A meta-analysis of massage therapy research. Psychological Bulletin, 130(1), 3–18