Public space

Massage chair to business floors: additional passive income, happier visitors

Massage chair Vending offers an opportunity to change an annoying waiting to an enjoyable one and quickly relieve tiredness for your malls, hotels, playrooms or any other public spaces visitor. Massage chair is a way for additional passive income, it is easily maintained and cheap to sustain.

  • Easiest way for a passive income
  • Gives an extra value and extends the duration of customer experience

Unused space or area on your public surface is an income that has not been received. The best day to have started earning that income was yesterday; however, the next best day for that is today. The Vending is the principle on what Borealis’ massage chairs work being easy to use and a very profitable way for earning passive income: even when the chairs in your business are being used only twice a day, you can still earn a monthly income with that. With that the massage chair earns you indirect income holding customers longer in your business, giving you advantages before your competitors and inviting customers back for the next time.

What added value does the massage chairs provide on business places?

Vending massage chairs are ideal to public surfaces that when visiting, the clients are left waiting; where they can take a rest before going back to their activities or just looking for a way to kill time. In the malls, the massage chairs can help customers relax before having to return to shopping. In playrooms or bus stations the chairs help with making the waiting time enjoyable; in hotels, offering extra activities without leaving the property. The results are similar in all of those places: customer wishes to visit the service provider because in addition to the usual service they can find nice additional values.
As the sessions offered by the massage chair is short, about 10 to 15 minutes, and is cheap, it is not necessary for clients to do separate sales work – in this case they will generally act according to their current wishes. However, if some of the more technologically advanced models available in the Borealis range are available to the clients, the massage chair may in itself become a rush to return to the service provider.

What are the additional expenses for using massage chairs?

The massage chairs offered by Borealis are worriless investments because they are made to last for many years and need minimal maintenance. That is why you do not have to hire a special worker for managing the chairs.

Even the expenses are not that big: massage chairs use little electricity (depending on the model 190–240 W) on working regime and works with an even and permanent voltage. Since the chair is made for public use, You don’t have to worry about the safety of the product; Borealis Vending massage chairs are in the highest class of safety.

Why should I rent a massage chair from Borealis’ selection?

Borealis massage chairs are in every bigger mall in Estonia according to the 2018. Year statistics, and even in many hotels, restaurants, playrooms, sport centers, supermarkets and Tallinn University and Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport. Altogether our massage chairs can be used in over 30 different public areas in Estonia.

Borealis vending massage chairs selection has been carefully assembled on the basis of over ten years of experience. We take into account the chairs lifetime, quality, new technologies, safety and our partners feedback.

If you rent a Borealis’ massage chair to your business area, you get chairs regular simple maintenance and a warranty with it. Since we are specialized in the field of massage chairs, we can find and fix all the problems that might rise for our partners quickly. We deliver the massage chairs for free to places all over Estonia. For finding the most comfortable massage chair you can add massage chairs to your comparison list and contact our sales manager.

You can find our massage chairs in Estonia from these locations:

  • Tallinna Lennart Meri Airport
  • Rocca al Mare Centre
  • Kristiine Centre
  • Stockmanni Mall
  • Tasku Centre
  • Eedeni Centre
  • Pärnu Kaubamajakas
  • Pärnu Centre
  • Uku Centre in Viljandi
  • Viljandi Centrum
  • Haapsalu Mall
  • Rannarootsi Centre
  • Mustika Centre
  • Laagri Maksimarket
  • Ümera Centre
  • Narva Astri Centre
  • Fama Centre
  • Võru KaguCentre
  • Valga Rimi
  • Rakvere KrooniCentre
  • Tallinna University
  • Tehvandi Hotel
  • Mirelli playroom
  • Restoran Coccodrillo Nautica Centre